The Best Travel Destinations Around The World

Below we’ve listed what we consider to be the most exciting and easily travelled destinations around the world. From a quaint bed and breakfast to a cruise on the fjords, you can do anything your time and pocketbook will allow.

United Kingdom

There’s so much to see and do in this magical destination! A traveler can head to the lake district to view its lovely lakes, rugged mountains and historic locations. There’s also the national parks of Wales with acres of natural beauty. There are many nice pubs for meals, and great inns for overnight stays.


You can take in the Sydney Opera House, the bush outside the coast, and you can even drive across the continent to get to the west coast where you can take in Perth.


Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are great places to visit for their culture and cuisine. You can also go out to the fishing villages on the Atlantic coast for some of the freshest seafood available.


Sweden has many quaint villages, and it has all the coastal towns you could ever want. You will find great places to stay, and you will enjoy meeting nice people across the country.


You can actually take a cruise to Oslo and view the lovely scenery from the deck of a boat. The narrow waterways cut into tall mountains with beautiful waterfalls and glaciers. For skiing enthusiasts there is the famous village of Lillehammer if you want to see a winter Olympic site.


Copenhagen is a biker’s paradise, and you will be able to enjoy it on a bike or just by walking. There are many waterways you can enjoy, and you can take in the crisp air that comes off the ocean.


You can take a speedy train across Japan easily, which will bring you to ancient samurai temples that have stood centuries. The villages along the way are welcoming and invite the traveler to enjoy their culture.

Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands are all accessible on the Eurostar train, and you can take a tour or visit the historical tourist attractions. There are many places you can go in every city, where you can take in every culture. The canals in Amsterdam, the vibrant culture in Spain, the quiet of Switzerland, the coasts of Portugal and the history in Germany will keep you occupied for your entire trip to Europe.